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[UNOPAN] Cheesecake Mould Oval Baking Paper (20pcs/pack)

Product Description

Cheesecake Mould Oval Baking Paper (20pcs/pack)

  • Canada imported raw wood pulp, no fluorescent agent, healthy and environmentally friendly. Germany imported silicone oil, oil-proof, waterproof, anti-stick, double-sided coated silicon, double-sided available. Heat resistant to 230° C, steamtable and roast able, can be reused 7~8 times.
  • Material : Silicone Paper
  • Size : 210 X 100mm

Kertas Silikon Kek Oval Cetakan Kek Keju (20 keping/pack)

  • Kanada mengimport pulpa kayu mentah, tiada agen pendarfluor, sihat dan mesra alam. Jerman mengimport minyak silikon, kalis minyak, kalis air, anti-kayu, silikon bersalut dua sisi, dua sisi yang ada. Haba tahan 230 ° C, boleh ditapis dan boleh dibakar, boleh digunakan semula 7 ~ 8 kali.
  • Bahan : Kertas Silikon
  • Saiz : 210 X 100mm

 芝士蛋糕模具椭圆形烘焙纸 / 脱模纸 (20pcs/pack)

  • 加拿大进口原木浆,不含荧光剂,健康环保. 德国进口硅油,防油,防水,防粘,双面涂硅,双面可用. 耐热230° C,可蒸可烤,可重复用7~8次
  • 材质/规格 : 矽油纸
  • 规格 : 210 X 100mm

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