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CocoWorld Coconut Sugar Cube


Product Description

Our Borneo Coconut Sugar is produced in Sarawak which is harvested from the SAP of Coconut Palm Flowers. The golden brown coconut sugar rich in minerals, taste as heavenly fruity sweet caramel flavour.
  • Ingredients : Coconut SAP/ Nectar and Water.
  • Manufacturer : Malaysia
  • Storage Instructions /Arahan Penyimpanan : Store in a cool dry place. Simpan di tempat yang kering.
  • Directions : Use as a Natural Premium Sweetener in coffee, tea, drinks, salad dressings, desserts, marinades and adding sweet, caramelised coconut aroma in your cooking. It is a Key Ingredients for making sweet sauces for Kendal & Nyonya Delicacies.

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